G2 #28

A T  T H I S  P O I N T  I N  M Y  L I F E
( I ‘ L L  H A V E  T H E  C A L A M A R I )

Friedrich Kunath



June 07 – September 08, 2024
Opening: June 06, 2024, 5 – 8 pm


With AT THIS POINT IN MY LIFE (I’LL HAVE THE CALAMARI), the G2 Kunsthalle is showing a solo exhibition by the artist Friedrich Kunath, born in Chemnitz in 1974, from June 7 to September 8, 2024.
The Los Angeles-based artist works in painting, object and installation.
Kunath shows supposedly ideal landscapes that are saturated with romantic and pop-cultural references and, at second glance, nullify their perfectionism.
By interweaving historical epochs with contemporary mass cultures, he creates an anachronism that unites past and present and gives rise to a universal timeline.
Kunath draws places full of longing, often clothed in the garb of German Romanticism or reminiscent of poster motifs from the 1990s: radiant sunsets, green, tranquil forest scenes or winter landscapes covered in snow. Kunath uses the landscapes as metaphors for inner feelings and states and thus function as open projection surfaces for the viewer.
Kunath’s multi-layered pictures tell of landscapes that seem like a synthesis of German Romantic painting and the radiance of American pop culture, of symbol-laden objects from the past and simple text and cartoon motifs, of interpersonal relationships, conscious and subconscious mechanisms of perception and the reality and transfiguration of memories.



Wed 3 – 8 pm / Fri – Sun 12  – 5 pm

Thu 4 pm

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    Friedrich Kunath, Where are you now, 2020, Öl auf Leinwand, 183 x 152 x 3,8 cm, Sammlung Hildebrand Leipzig

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