The G2 Kunsthalle, founded in March 2015, is a private non-profit institution supporting contemporary visual art located in the city centre of Leipzig (Germany). Selected artworks from the Hildebrand Collection are permanently displayed in frequently changing installations.

According to its mission, the G2 is active in the promotion of emerging artists. Our special exhibitions survey the dialogue between artistic positions from the Hildebrand Collection with other national and international artists.

The G2 Kunsthalle is conceived as a forum of intellectual and emotional exchange, where art and people get in contact. G2 is a place dedicated to things and times out of the usual frames, where reflections and associations or options and variations are possible. Visitors curious to experience their own environments in different ways through the arts are welcome to visit our gallery rooms and to talk to our guides who will show you our current exhibition!

The new artspace contributes importantly to the exhibition scene of Leipzig. From its location close to the Kunsthalle of the Sparkasse, our gallery is just a short walk away from the Museum of Fine Arts (MdbK) and the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (GfZK).

To visit the G2 Kunsthalle and our current exhibition please check our opening hours and/or make your reservation online for a guided tour.

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Architecture & History

The G2 Kunsthalle and its 1.000 square meters exhibition gallery are located in the third floor of a late 1980s building in the heart of the German city Leipzig (Saxony). The structure faces the famous Thomaskirche and was planned as a data processing centre for the GDR. Because of the political change in 1989/90 the data centre never started the activities it was planned for and the structure was partly abandoned while some offices and floors were used for various smaller businesses and as storage space.

Twenty five years after its construction, the building has been completely restored and its third floor has been transformed into four large galleries with ideal conditions for the exhibition activities of the artspace.

The new use of the architecture as an exposition hall emphasizes the historical importance of the venue. In 1848 the so-called Central-Halle was built on the same site. At this time gardens and promenades dominated this part of Leipzig. With the construction of the Central-Halle on the property of the notorious Lurgenstein´s Garden the citizenry established a place in Leipzig dedicated to public exhibitions and events. The Central-Halle offered various spaces of different sizes for art shows, concerts, readings, Christmas bazars and industrial expositions. The largest of all rooms – the magnificent Unionssaal – hosted important festivities as splendid masked balls or, in 1863, the banquet organized on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the battle of Leipzig.

In 1898 – fifty years after its construction – the Central-Halle was demolished during the renewal of the Promenadenring and replaced by a representative new building for the military administration, the so-called Commandatur. The building was destroyed by air raids between 1943 and 1944 together with a large part of the adjacent district Kolonnadenviertel.

After the war and for more than thirty years following, the architectonical “gap” was used as a parking place. And with the construction of the data processing centre the tradition of the place and its history seemed to be completely forgotten and lost.

The G2 today creates a link between the actual architectonical structure and the historical relevance of the site. An integral part of cultural history and civic engagement in the city of Leipzig is to be continued.

To visit the G2 Kunsthalle and our current exhibition please check our opening hours and/or make your reservation online for a guided tour.


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