After seven years of realizing exhibitions with residential and international artists we will open a new floor in the same building of G2 Kunsthalle. We will double the size of the G2 Kunsthalle by adding a new 1100 square meters venue for exhibitions, events and projects by combining storage and display of contemporary art, by installing an open deposit system for art. With this new “G2 Schaulager” we will be able to bring the collection and our exhibition programme to the next level and to create a multifaceted platform for dialogue and exchange with a diversified audience. In view of these future plans, our aspiration is to continue to preserve important international major positions to expand the focus towards a leading institution with an excellent collection, combining residential and international positions.

Visit the current group exhibition with works from the following artists from the Collection Hildebrand:

Benjamin Bergmann, John Bock, Andrea Bowers, Natalie Czech, Katarína Dubovská, Simon Fujiwara, Paul Glaw, Martin Groß, Nicolás Guagnini, Harry Hachmeister, General Idea, Sebastian Jung, Edgar Leciejewski, Frank Moll, Oscar Murillo, Anna Nero, Ulf Puder, Neo Rauch, Thomas Ruff, Erik Swars, Ulrike Theusner, Clemens Tremmel

Access only through public tours.

Public guided tour in English: Sat 4 pm (only after registration)

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